Yarkin Duo – Longing (Fire)

Yarkin Duo

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Jazz | Meditative

As two musicians who have met with meditation, one of the basic principles of returning to the self, we meet you with music for meditation where we have combined the attributes and characteristics of our musicianship through an interpretation of the elements.

Fire is the element that plays a large role in actions of movement, creativity, and beginnings. This is why we wanted to take the first step with the fire element track Longing (Fire).

The other 3 elements of the series; earth, water, and air will be launched at the end of June along with the fire track on our album under the name Quintessence. Quintessence, the 5th element, is the element of emptiness that is invisible but connects the other elements, fills all voids, and is the essence and root of everything.

We have recorded these tracks on 432 Hertz, a frequency that is widely thought to be beneficial to the human body and soul. We worked for an entire day in separate rooms, only hearing, listening, and feeling together as we recorded these tracks in real-time and by improvisation; a piece of aleatoric music where we could remain in a state of flow.