Mehmet Polat – Quantum Leap

Mehmet Polat & Embracing Colours

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World / Jazz

Embracing Colours is a new jazzier ground for my – mostly modal – jazz compositions. After years of international touring and inspired by the rich musical traditions of the Middle East, Africa, India, Europe and the Balkans, I decided to explore my music within this new jazz band. I’ve often felt jazz to be present when improvising, composing, playing a groove. Bringing the musicians of Embracing Colours together has brought these jazz-inspired compositions to life. Joan Terol Amigo is a genius on drums, Hendrik Müller is a master of grooves on bass and Bart Lelivelt is a brilliant accordion player. The ud is a traditional instrument played in all Arabic countries, West Asia and Eastern Europe, and can be a great connector of cultures. Making the album together has enriched my compositions, pulling me out of my harmonic comfort zone and into new chord progressions. It’s been a pleasure and thoroughly rewarding experience. The compositions on this Quantum Leap album come from the heart and tell a musical story of discovery, growth and progress in a world of learning.

Mehmet Polat, Ud & Compositions
Joan Terol Amigo, Drums
Hendrik Müller, Upright Bass
Bart Lelivelt, Accordion

“Quantum Leap is richly melodic and spreads out over many musical horizons. A must-have album” – Jazz Halo, Belgium

“There are 12 songs in the album, each one is a gem. Quantum Leap absolutely must be listened.”
On Top Of Music, Netherlands

“Cultures meet, new music emerges and a small miracle happens – the music seems timeless and breathtakingly beautiful.” – Moors Magazine, Belgium

“A perfect combination of folk and jazz – Chapeau for this amazing album!” – Rootstime, Belgium