Ombra – Posidonian Poetry


Record Details

Jazz / Fusion

After several years gracefully immersed in the rich musical universe of the Mediterranean basin and its infinite cultural affluents, the need to musicalise ideas, feelings and emotions -accompanied by a kindhearted assembly of talented musicians- is born.

Posidonian Poetry is a ‘watery’ body of work that follows traditional Jazz structures enriched with Mediterranean folklore and essence presenting carefully arranged versions of standards combined with delicate own compositions in a Mediterranean-Jazz style.

In parallel, Posidonian Poetry bears a significant message of compromise acquired and sustained by each one of us. Posidonia rests in abundance at the bottom of our seas acting as a water purifying filter that, in certain areas, helps create astonishing crystal-clear paradisiac landscapes.

As a homage to our Mediterranean Sea and its Posidonia prairies begging to be preserved like precious gems, we invite the listener to dive into each and every note flowing out of this musicalised poetry.