Zitakula – Oasis


Record Details

Funk / Afro Beat / Jazz

Barely four months after the fortunate day that singer Sandy Miessi Bakomi joined the band, we spent two weeks in Schenk Studio in Amsterdam to lay down the tracks for this record. Two weeks we spent immersed in nothing but music, in an oasis of fun and hard work at the end of a busy year. We got to work with an amazing and tireless crew that remained in good spirits throughout the whole session. To us, oasis signifies the safe haven in which we are free to spend our time making music, which is a true privilege in these troublesome times.

But oases are also a source of life in a sometimes hostile world, just as music is a source of energy for so many of us. Oases have sustained the caravans and traders in desert area’s that have long brought the wealth of Sub-Saharan Africa to Mediterranean Europe. In that sense they signify the meeting of so many traditions and languages that lies at the heart of our music. In the end we hope this record can be its own oasis: a place of the specific sounds and stories of these ten songs, a place to dwell and a place to return to.