Mehmet Polat – The Promise

Mehmet Polat

Record Details

World | Jazz | Fusion

‘The promise’ album gave me a great chance to explore myself. My melodies keep me alive, feeling creative, inspired and productive.

Like my previous 4 albums, this album offered me many challenges to develop my skills in solo playing, improvising, composing, arranging and creating different musical textures via various guest musicians.

Music is my main language, through which I can feel and express all my thoughts and emotions. Composing for me is like building a house. All the twelve pieces in this album are unique in their own ways, but they are still related to each other. Like twelve houses on the same street, all different but with relations between them.

Arranging a composition is like giving water to a seed, so the seed grows into a plant and flourishes During the recordings all of my guest musician colleagues made priceless contributions.

Working in the studio with Alex Geurink was a great pleasure, together we could find the right sound and effects.