Luazó – Tumbando


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World | Jazz | Latin

Tumbando is a melancholic and yet energetic instrumental journey.
As a storm slowly shaking up the grains of sand before to finally blow them away.

Tumbando builds up from a intimate dark place, where the electric guitar and the harp dialog above a reggae groove, to a succession of intense and passionate solos, while the drum and bass ‘tumbando’, knocking out the groove with latin flavour.

Guitar, composition arrangement : Robin Gentien
Drums and percussions : Pablo Cruz
Bass : Joaco Rio Buono
Harp : Andres Rozo
Recording : Ivan Caplan (Delirio Graba – Buenos Aires)
Mix : Arian Frank (Lapacho Studio – Buenos Aires)
Master : Lucas Schaffer (LS Estudio – Buenos Aires)
Cover : Eloise Coussy