Luazó – Luazó


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World | Latin Jazz

Luazo is a project by French composer and guitarist Robin Gentien, written as a farewell and a tribute to Latino America.
It was recorded in Buenos Aires a week before leaving the continent, after years of exile and travel.

The name Luazo is the phonetic sound of the french word “L’oiseau”, that means the bird. Travelling and singing, Luazo.

Luazo’s EP is a world music album, nourished by african guitar textures, afro-latino claves. It mainly features electric guitar as the lead instruments, always supported by a strong rythmic session.

Along the journey, voices, horns, a flute, an arp and even a violin comes along to dialogue.
The eponym EP travels through musical landscapes and colors that reminds us of the Sahara desert, the warmth of Cuba, the immensity of the Titicaca or the harshness of Buenos Aires.