Los Paja Brava – Levantate

Los Paja Brava

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World | Latin

In these weird times with everybody lock down in their houses because of the Covid-19, we want to share with you some positive energy. Stand up and enjoy life again!

Kimi Vera, C.H. Jacques Anderson.

Band musicians:
Kimi Vera (lead vocals)
Alessandro Russo (sax)
Koko Donoso (bass trombone)
C.H. Jacques Anderson (guitar)
Giuseppe Bordasco (bass)
Javier Infestas (percussion)
Javi Herrero (drums)

Guest musicians:
Lydia Hornung: (vocals)
Eva Lavooij (vocals)
Irene Gabarron (flute)
Carlos Alberto Parada (clarinet)
Hikmet Altunbaslier (trumpet)
Daniel Quiles (trombone)
Pablo Briones (tuba)
Ingeborg Torvanger (violoncello)

Mixed by: C.H. Jacques Anderson (LPB Studio, Netherlands), Ruben Montes (Disquesi Studio, Spain)