Soma Saloli – The Long Way Home

Soma Saloli

Record Details

Folk / SInger-Songwriter

This album chronicles a journey of ten years. From the burgeoning life experience gained through the hardship expressed in Under Hidden Scars (2007), to the elemental tragedy of a year of heartbreak in Diamond Journey (2017), it relates the story of a young woman growing from child to human.

The throes and joys of maturing were always in pursuit of the personal power that can fulfill childhood dreams. Releasing this album has been that dream. The past decade me and my music have ripened together to a point where I was able to manifest it as a true reflection of my inward journey, and through it becoming who I’ve always been.

Recorded and mixed over ten years in four different countries, overcoming personal demons and with a growing fellowship of family, friends, musicians and entire communities of supporters, this album and how it came to be is a story of the long way home. I am so happy to share it with you. Here’s to dreaming!

The longest journey is the journey inward – Dag Hammarskjöld