Efkan Sesen – Best Of

Efkan Şeşen

Record Details

Sesen Muziek | Turkish Folk

Sesen Muziek (Distributed by Audiomaze)

All songs on this album have been re-recorded with new arrangements created together with Efkan Sesen’s son Sinan Sesen, which is studying at Codarts in Rotterdam.

The recordings have been enriched by the contribution of many talented musicians: Bülent Ay, Ertan Tekin, Erdinc Senyaylar, Ismail Soyberk, Volkan Öktem, Ayhan Kökoglu, Önder Tunc, Murat Corak, Mehmet Polat, and Ege Bölükbas.

Mix and mastering of the album have been done by Efkan Sesen himself with vocal contributions of his wife Didar Sesen.

Cover photography by Gökhan Caliskan.

We hope you will enjoy this album.