Aida Nadeem – Medri

Aida Nadeem

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World | Fusion

Medri is inspired by a humanist philosophy. The song starts with the Iraqi colloquial, “Should I cry…or should I laugh”. According to the artist, the inspiration to make a song out of this saying came up to her while reading the newspaper in spring last year, leading to the rest of the lyrical content. Translated in English, the song goes as follows:

Should I cry…or should I laugh
Should I shush… or should I shout out
Should I cheer up…or should I be concerned
Or should I leave it to heaven as always
Our dreams, our hopes
Our songs, our lights
Will ever hymn with us
For otherwise, how would we breathe our humanity?
released March 26, 2021
Aida Nadeem – vocals
Christopher Ek – Bass
Per Svanner – Percussion
Camilla Åström – Accordion

Mixed by Daniel Goody
Mastered by Cagan Tunali (Noiseist)