Nuestra Clave

La Sra. Tomasa

Record Details

Latin / Electronic

La Sra. Tomasa is back with a new album, bringing again their characteristic unique style which ranges from most avant-garde electronic music to the warmest tropical rhythms.

“Nuestra Clave” is the name of this second work of this young band from Barcelona and it gathers all the experience and things that they have learned both in the studio and touring around Europe for three years with they first album. Every song on “Nuestra Clave” irradiates this original energy of the band and captures perfectly the essence of their powerful live.

La Sra. Tomasa is definitely a Great eclectic and electric big band that strikes back again with a special mixture of organic sounds from different latitudes, totally compromised with a hedonistic party spirit, mixing the visceral power of latin beats combined with the sophistication of the electronic sounds.